1. electripipedream:

Oskar FischingerKreise (Circles)1933-34


    Oskar Fischinger
    Kreise (Circles)

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Kiyoshi Awazu1975


    Kiyoshi Awazu

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  3. julienfoulatier:

Painting by Bernd Ribbeck.
  4. asylum-art:

    Spectacular Self-portrait by  David Whittaker

    David Whittaker was born in Cornwall in 1964. and is currently based in Newquay. He is self-taught, has exhibited widely and won the first prize at The National Open Art Competition in 2011.

    via Millennium. He is self taught. Most of his works are based around the loose form of the human head and it’s metaphysical core. Ambiguous non specific portraits, walking a high wire perfectly balanced between states of calm and conflict, confidence and nervousness, hopes and fears, conscious and subconscious, male and female. They are innately, universally human.

    There is a suggestion of the powerful and inescapable link between Whittaker and his art  that both live through each other and that the paintings unmask and reveal a true identity. This identity is ambiguous, internal and ephemeral, our own warren to explore, but where some the tunnels remain blocked consciously or unconsciously. Through art these tunnels can be accessed.

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  5. 1000drawings:

by Troche
  6. intooishun:

    Paper Craft Infographics by Yuki Wu

    (Source: behance.net)

  7. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown

    From children’s book author and illustrator Peter Brown comes My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.) (public library) — a sweet contemporary fable about one such moment of seeing through the mask of terrifying otherness the soft heart of our shared humanity.